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FREE Consultation

Queensland Property Buyerscan take those important first stepsfor clients, regardless of their location. No matter whether you are here in the same region or need assistance from somewhere overseas, we are here to offer an initial consultation. We like to keep your convenience our priority, and one of our agents will be available for a face-to-face meeting or digital meetings via Skype and WhatsApp. The first step can be taken with just a casual call too. This meeting is also important for us, as we get to know your investment goals, objectives and requirements, which helps us in starting the search.


The Start – Once we have checked all the relevant details and have understood your requirements, our team will get to work and start the process of the property search in Brisbane and adjoining areas. We will take as many steps as required to source, view and eliminate properties, based on your needs, and our team will make a shortlist, which will be sent to you, only after each of the properties have been verified. As the leading Buyers Agents in Brisbane, we ensure that our clients have complete access to property details, market and suburb reports, and our team will determine all the relevant factors that may matter for you.


Negotiation Time

All our agents are experts in Queensland property sourcing, and they will do the negotiation for you. We don’t get paid based on the deal, but have a fixed price. In short, we secure the best deal for you. Check our fee page for more details.


Contract Preparation – Our team will get ready with the next step, and we will check that the prepared contract is transparent and is explained to the client in full, so as to avoid unpleasant surprises.



Furthermore, we will check and supervise the terms of the contract to ensure they meet your requirements, which may or may not include things like pest inspections, finance clauses and so on. If you have requested something specifically, we will check that too.

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